About Us

About Us

Our Food Journey

Like No Other

We are the founders of Eatstro, Lorcán McNeela and Serena O’ Grady and this is our dog Winnie!

The Big Problem & The Big Solution

One evening, after some online recipe research, a trip to two supermarkets, portioning the ingredients, and eventually cooking, we finally sat down to eat our meal.

Luckily the hassle had paid off as the meal was very tasty but the process of finding the recipe, ingredients and preparation had been time consuming. The problem was obvious. We wanted to cook dishes like this every night but the time and effort wasn’t sustainable after a busy day.

Our passion for cooking developed when we lived in San Francisco where we had exceptional food markets and good quality food stores on our doorstep. There was also many more food box delivery services in San Francisco making cooking hassle free.

It was there that we began a ‘dinner host night’ which involved cooking for our friends once a week. The standard was very high and it increased as time went on. Competing to outdo each other, each meal was as memorable and as flavoursome as the last. We shared many cooking techniques and recipes and the experience allowed us to challenge our palates and test unusual ingredients.

After returning to Ireland we missed the high quality home cooked meals we had become accustomed to. There was no going back to bland or convenience foods, the transition had been made.

After doing some research and chatting with family and friends we found that people are continually frustrated by the lack of time to shop and prepare, by the unavailability of certain ingredients in supermarkets, by their local butchers and fishmongers closing before they finish work and by restaurants and take-aways who don’t seem to have their health interests at heart. On top of that, the amount of food that is wasted when you do go to the supermarket. In Ireland, one out of every three bags of food shopping will be thrown out!

If only it was possible to quickly whip up high-end, restaurant quality meals for dinner, we thought. We had used similar services in the US. The process would have to be hassle free; the recipes would have to be professionally crafted, convenient and require no more than 30 minutes of cooking time.

From here we started by sending boxes to our family and friends. Much to our delight, they loved it! So much so they became our first customers. A couple of months later, after much preparation and research, Eatstro was born. And our purpose is to make inspiring healthy, home-cooking available to everyone without the hassle or the waste.

We want to encourage people to cook fast, creative, nutritionally balanced meals, while learning new techniques and trying different ingredients along the way.
We strive to always provide the highest, freshest quality of food. In order to achieve this, we work directly with family-run farms and fresh food markets who have adopted sustainable farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, communities, and animal welfare. And all of our plastic packaging is recyclable in the Republic of Ireland.

We want people to enjoy their food and, more specifically, the experience that comes with it.