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You can't start any new adventure without the proper kit, and there's really nothing like cooking with a super sharp knife. Tower in Wolverhampton have been making kitchen knifes since 1912 and we have been using them in our test kitchen for a number of years, they are really sharp, with no sign of blunting. So we thought; what better way to welcome a new cook to our family than with this 6 Piece Set. Designed with durable stone coated stainless steel knife blades, these knives give you that professional flare to your meal preparation. This set comes complete with a chef knife (slice, dice and chop with ease), a vegetable knife (a dream for chopping veg), a serrated knife (cuts tomatoes, desserts and breads without crushing the interior), a utility knife (ideal for everything from coring veg to trimming excess fat), a paring knife (for small and intricate work with precision and ease) and a peeler, equipping you with everything you need in one handy, efficient set. The ergonomic knife handles provide a comfortable, secure grip, ensuring safety and precision when cutting. 

These knifes are so good they come with a 5 Year Guarantee, and just so we're clear, you're getting the whole set (€26 value) free with your first Eatstro box, on top of your 30% off! How's that for value?! 

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