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How does Eatstro work?

You choose

from six tasty options each week, so you can enjoy the benefits of nutritious food that's quick and delicious

We deliver

perfectly measured ingredients, every Sun, Mon & Tuesday (yes, we take the hassle out of shopping and meal planning!)

You cook

tasty and impressive meals you’re proud to share (and of course, eat!)

No planning. No shopping. No contract. 

No worries.

Nail dinner plans with our subscription package and take the hassle out of cooking and meal planning (trust us, you'll never look back!)

With our flexible subscription you can skip or pause your subscription at any time. Get your delivery when it’s convenient for you. 

Eat better and feel good (inside & out)

Even more choice

You can now choose from 6 recipes each week. Try new cuisines, exotic flavours, comforting classics (or a bit of each).

Family Favourites

Enjoy kid-friendly, adult-approved recipes perfect for busy families. A bit less chilli, but plenty of flavour and nutrition.

Fine Dine In

Try our new range, using premium speciality ingredients for impressive cooking.

Plant-based and veggie options

Choose from 3 delicious and satisfying meat-free recipes each week. Lots of dairy-free and

gluten-free options too. 

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