What is Eatstro?

Eatstro delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to chefs of all skill levels. We do the shopping and menu planning so you can just cook and enjoy. 

Pre-measured ingredients make cooking easy and less time consuming. You will also save money!

What comes in each delivery?

Your Eatstro box includes 3 recipes in the standard box along with all the ingredients needed to prepare them (which are perfectly proportioned). Each recipe comes with a step-by–step recipe guide that makes cooking easy.

We don’t deliver salt, pepper or oil, and we assume that you will have milk. Butter and sugar are sometimes mentioned, but they are not required.

Is Eatstro a subscription service?

Yes, we are. Your subscription becomes active when you create an Eatstro account. Regular weekly deliveries begin the week following your Eatstro account opening.

Eatstro subscriptions are flexible and non-binding. You can cancel or pause your subscription online at any moment. You can skip a box at any time (before the cut-off time/date). You have the option to change the meals in your box, your delivery address, and the date your box arrives (before cut-off time).

Where do you deliver?
We deliver meal kits in Dublin City and all over Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What days do you deliver and what is your cut off times to change my menu, skip an order or pause/cancel my account?

Each week you will be notified by email. In case our welcome email is in your trash folder, make sure you check it before signing up for Eatstro

You will receive 1 box per week on the following day of your choice.

Monday: Dublin (1-24)  / Cut-off time to skip or cancel order: 11am Thursday the week before delivery.

Tuesday: Nationwide / Cut-off time to skip or cancel order: 11am Thursday the week before delivery.

How do I know when to skip an order, cancel my account, or change my menu?

Each week you will be notified by email. In case our welcome email is in your trash folder, make sure you check it before signing up for Eatstro.

When will I be billed?

You pay for your first order upon sign-up. Once the cut-off time for your second delivery has past, the order will be charged to your credit card. Any time you want to cancel, edit, or skip an order before the cut off time.

What’s the difference between pausing and skipping my subscription?

You can stop a box being delivered to your home by either pausing your subscription, or skipping it.

Pausing/cancelling your subscription:

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Remember to cancel or pause your account prior to the cut-off time. You will still receive your next box if you cancel or pause your subscription after the cut-off date. However, you won’t be able to receive any additional boxes until you reactivate it.

Skip a week:

You can only cancel one box if you skip a week. After the skip week, your regular subscription deliveries will resume as normal.

Remember: You must skip boxes before the cutoff time. You’ll still get your next box if you skip a box after the cut-off date.

How can I cancel my account?
Log in to your Eatstro account to cancel it. You will find a cancellation button at your membership page.

Remember to cancel your box by the deadline. You will still be able to receive your next box if you cancel after the cut-off date. 

How do I cancel my account?
If you wish to cancel your Eatstro account, simply log into your account and there’s a cancellation button on your membership page.

Please remember: You’ll need to cancel a box before the cut off time. If you cancel after this cut off date you’ll still receive your next box.

How do I contact Customer Service?
If you have any questions, info@eatstro.com is our email address.

What food plans are currently available and how much do they cost?

Two plans are currently available: one for 2 adults, and one for 2 adults and 2-3 children.

2-Person plan

  • You receive 3 recipes (default), each serves two people, along with step-by-step instructions.
  • This plan costs €8.70 per serving or €52 for 6 servings.

Family Plan (2 adults & 2-3 children)

  • You receive 3 recipes (default), each serves 2 adults and 2-3 children. Follow these simple steps to make your own recipe cards. This plan costs €6.33 per serving or €76 for 12 servings.

Can I choose my recipes?
After you have signed up to Eatstro, you can pick your weekly recipes. Simply click the Manage Deliveries button. And if you want you can add more than 3 meals to your standard box!

How much does it cost to add additional meals to my box?

Additional meals can be ordered for EUR12 per person and EUR18 per family. If you’d like, you can order up 8 meals per week.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

We offer delicious vegetarian options each week.

Do you accommodate specific diets or allergies?
We cater for vegetarians. If you have severe food allergies, we don’t recommend eating at Eatstro. Our facility can process milk, egg and crustacean shellfish, peanuts. We also process wheat, soybeans. To confirm allergen information on your order, please check the packaging. We may need to replace items with better quality products from time to time.

Do I need to be at home to accept my delivery?

We provide refrigerated boxes that contain ice packs and insulation liners. This ensures your ingredients are fresh for delivery, even if the recipient is not home. info@eatstro.com can you email us with any special delivery requests.

How long does the food stay fresh?

We make sure that our dishes stay fresh for at least a week. To ensure that your seafood and fish remains fresh, we recommend that you prepare it first.

Are the ingredients sustainable?
We are committed to providing the best and freshest food possible. We only work with family-owned farms and fresh markets that practice sustainable practices. Our meat is 100% Irish.