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When launched, our forthcoming proprietary AI-Based Dietitian System, Eatstro AI, will suggest and deliver individually tailored recipe plans to you based on your personal, fitness and health requirements, each of which is calculated using a number of hard inputs such as your BMI and passive data sources if you wish such as your Fitbit and your Google/Apple health profiles. Future versions will even allow you to authorise your 23AndMe genetic DNA profile enabling Eatstro AI to adjust to your inherent carrier traits e.g. deep sleeping, diabetes etc.



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Food Choices

The Eatstro App will provide long-term meal planning and delivery to our forward-thinking clients.  It will equip you with the best information for your dietary analysis, meal planning and recipe management, allowing you to make accurate, relevant and actionable food choices for your needs. In turn, it will deliver the relevant produce measured to your door via GPS, providing the complete 360 dietary service; research, portion control, and convenience, for today’s busy professionals and modern families so they can make the right choices every time.