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"What's for dinner??"

Most people say organising “what’s for dinner” is among their LEAST favourite daily chores. Don't be held back. You were designed for more.

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You have eight tasty options to choose from each week, so you can enjoy the benefits of nutritious food that's quick and delicious.

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We deliver the ready-to-cook ingredients to your door, so you can experience the most amazing dishes, created with your family’s tastes in mind.
Eatstro food boxes deliver ready-to-cook ingredients anywhere in Ireland, so you can experience the most amazing dishes, created with your family’s tastes in mind.

Healthy Food Dublin & Ireland

The Irish Examiner recently did a review of the top healthy food delivery services in Ireland. Sharon Ni Chonchuir said the one question that she has come to hate over the past year and half was "What's for dinner?" Although she enjoyed cooking, it became a chore with everyone staying at home day after day.

In the end she chose Eatstro has her favourite! Yippee.

Subscription services for meals seem like this are the perfect compromise. The following services deliver freshly prepared meals to your home, in perfectly proportioned portions to minimise waste.


Top 4 Healthy Food Services:

1. Eatstro

The promise is a meal kit of high-quality ingredients delivered right to your doorstep in perfectly portioned quantities. Also included is a step-by–step recipe card that will show you how to make a delicious dinner for the whole family.

Sustainable packaging: Yes. The food is wrapped in natural salt-based, ice packs and delivered in a cardboard container.

Eastro provides eight different dinners each week. The ingredients are delivered the next day to your home.

This allows you to save time shopping. Pre-portioned ingredients also mean that you can save time and reduce waste. If you are given a recipe for 30g of olives it will have already been measured.

This was so easy to use. It allowed me to personalise dishes according to the tastes of my family. I was able to season the pork ragu I made with my little boy and partner, which proved to be a great success. You can also leave out the chilli flakes, as neither one of us like heat. For dinner, we had sweet potato and feta tacos. It was a quick and easy dinner with fresh, vibrant flavours that I also added avocado leftovers from the fridge.

Sharon loved these meal kits. You can order online and choose from a variety of dishes. It takes very little time and requires no preparation. It took me just a few minutes to chop, stir, and season the ingredients and I was ready to cook a delicious meal for my family.

2. Eatto

You can mix and match your favorite mains, sides and desserts to get healthy, delicious meals delivered right at your doorstep.

Sustainable packaging: Yes. All food deliveries use 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.

A lentil bolognese is the first dish I tried from Eatto's extensive menu. It has a very clean and healthy taste, making it difficult to believe that it was not freshly prepared.

It doesn't perform as well with the rice I cook to go with it. The rice develops a dry, bitty texture. However, this is also something I have observed with other meal subscriptions.

After eating the apple crumble, I indulge in the vegan version. It is a delicious combination of sweet stewed apples and cinnamon with a oat topping.

My little boy and his partner loved the beef meatballs with Mediterranean vegetables in a rich tomato-based sauce. The chargrilled Irish chicken breast was delicious with slow-roasted vegetables, rich tomato sauce, and basil oil drizzle. I am an expert cook, and these dishes were delicious.

As Sharon says "Although I had to increase the seasoning in some of these dishes, that was a minor issue and a matter of personal preference. Eatto is a great choice for people who have the means to afford it because of its natural ingredients and emphasis on flavour and health."

3. Gourmet

Healthy eating without hassle: This company offers a personalised nutrition service that will guide you to the right eating plan for you. Qualified nutritionists are available to answer your questions and help guide you in making the right decisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The packaging for the dishes can be recycled, but the box in which they are delivered is made of polystyrene.

This website has so many tempting options that I am starving when I make my final choice. They arrive a few days later and I am eager to eat the seafood paella.

It makes a great lunch by scraping off the parmesan cheese (I avoid dairy), adding some salt and scattering flat-leaf Parsley on top.

My four-year old son, while I enjoy that, tries the sweet potato bites and taco sauce. He jumped up and shouted, "Best sweet potatoes ever!" They are quite good, I have to admit.

We share the chocolate fudge cake as a snack. We could eat it again, and it was delicious.

My family also rated my saag aloo chicken curry with its balanced spices and the chicken pad Thai, which exploded with fresh coriander and lime flavours.

The fish cakes had too many potatoes in comparison to the fish and there was a side dish with nutty cauliflower rice that had a bitter taste. Maybe that's what happens to brassicas when they are frozen.

I would order again from Gourmet. You can choose from a wide range of delicious dishes. My family tried all the options, and they were delicious and filling.

Healthy Food Subscription Boxes Ireland

4. Kayla's Kitchen

Made from scratch with the finest ingredients from local sources.

When it arrives, I am hungry so I immediately defrost some tomato and fenne soup. It tastes fresh and clean. Its ingredients are tomatoes, leek and celery. It makes a wonderful lunch with some crusty bread.

The rich chocolate brownie with the juicy black cherries and the crunchy pecans is a dessert I cannot resist.

Another hit is a red lentil dahl topped with fresh mango, an Irish beef stew and an Indian butternut and chickpea dish. A Sicilian lemon chicken dish made of free-range chicken and preserved lemons in a plum tomato sauce is another.

However, the texture of the long grain brown rice and the mashed potato changed when they were re-heated. Many dishes needed a little more salt. This could be because they are suitable for people who are sick or in recovery.

Kayla's Kitchen dishes were delicious and as healthy as any I would make.

Kayla's Kitchen meals would be a nice addition to my freezer. I am actually happy that I have beef stroganoff, and a dish of free-range chicken with a buttery and spiced tomato sauce. I will pull them out when I have the energy and time to cook dinner.

WHAT'S INSIDE the Healthy food boxes in dublin:

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Delicious, chef-designed recipes 

With step-by-step instructions so you never miss a beat (or beet). 

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Recyclable ice packs and packaging

Natural salt based ice-packs ensure your ingredients stay fresh until you’re home and they are recyclable.

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So no morsels, or dollops going to waste.

best food boxes dublin -

Responsibly-sourced, quality ingredients

Like fresh produce, sustainable meat & seafood and exclusive spice blends.

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Starting at €5.41 per serving

No commitment. You can skip or cancel anytime.

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