Healthy Meals Delivered Ireland

healthy meals delivered ireland
"What's for dinner??"

Most people say organising “what’s for dinner” is among their LEAST favourite daily chores. Don't be held back. You were designed for more.

Pick your meals

You have eight tasty options to choose from each week, so you can enjoy the benefits of nutritious food that's quick and delicious.

healthy meal delivery ireland
healthy food delivery ireland
Taste the magic
We deliver the ready-to-cook ingredients to your door, so you can experience the most amazing dishes, created with your family’s tastes in mind.
Eatstro food boxes deliver ready-to-cook ingredients anywhere in Ireland, so you can experience the most amazing dishes, created with your family’s tastes in mind.

Healthy Food Delivery Ireland

We are about to start a new chapter and welcome 2022. Why not sign up for healthy meals delivered in Ireland now? These healthy meal delivery services are designed to ease the stress of eating well and save you time at the grocery store.

There are many options available, including a supermodel-approved renewal plan (complete with movement classes and virtual meditation) and a line seasonal vegan food. You can take your pick, and you will be able to enjoy healthy, fuss-free meals in just a few clicks.

What's Eatstro?

We are so glad you asked! We offer a weekly subscription that delivers fresh (never frozen!) meals every week. Our team of nutritionists and chefs have created all the meals. These meals are already cooked so you only need to heat them up and follow the instructions. You don't have to worry about what you will eat for dinner or lunch. There's no need to shop, chop or clean - there are no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives or high processed sugars!

Freshly was founded because we believe that fresh, healthy, delicious food should be accessible to everyone. We do all the work. We source the best ingredients and make sure that each meal is nutritiously balanced.

Healthy Food Delivery 

Where are your meals prepared?

Our kitchens are over 60,000 square feet and we prepare our meals there! In Phoenix, Arizona, Linden (New Jersey) and Savage (Maryland). Our equipment can be used for small batches while still making meals for many customers.

What should I know about ordering?

It's easy to sign up, but these 5 tips will make your experience even more magical.

1 - You will receive weekly deliveries of the meals you choose, unless you cancel or skip them.

2 - You are in complete control. You can make decisions about deliveries three weeks ahead of time!

3 - It is easy to skip. You might be planning a weekend getaway or a fun vacation. You don't have to worry. You are just one click away skipping a week (or three!) ).

4 - We send out weekly notifications with deadline reminders to each order. We need to ship fresh meals within 5-6 days. We will never send less than Freshly Perfect.

5 - Your first order serves as a base for future deliveries. Every week, you can update your menu to create a new default menu. You can also request a swap for an existing dish every week. Double-check your orders frequently to ensure you get everything you want and nothing you don’t.

What are I committing to when I subscribe?

You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. Your subscription is yours to manage. You will receive your weekly deliveries on the day you choose once you sign up. The weekly charge will be added to your bill, but you have the option to skip a week and cancel your subscription prior to the weekly deadline. There are no fees or obligations.

You can also change things up three weeks in advance. Your meal planning can be improved! If you don't like the cooking of your family, why not stay with them? Update the address for this week. You can also update your delivery date or change your meals to suit your cravings. It's all up to you.

What is the cost of your meal plan?

You have a choice of flexible for plans:

Each Meal Serves 2:

3 meals per week = €52
4 meals per week = €64
5 meals per week = €76
6 meals per week = €88

Remember that each meal is individually portioned and intended for two people. However, we offer a family option.

What is the serving size of a meal?

We offer single portions of meals that can be shared with one person. There are shareable protein options and multiple-serving sides. Click the images to see the complete weight of each meal in grams.

Can I freeze the meals and do they have a expiry date?

All of our meals are freshly prepared by the chef and shipped fresh. They can be kept refrigerated for up to 3-5 days. Some items, such as seafood, are best eaten immediately. We will add a label to the package to indicate this. These meals should be consumed within the first few days after you receive your order. However, you can always verify the exact date of use on the back-of the-pack nutrition label. You can freeze your meals if you are unable to finish them within the recommended shelf life. To reach the recommended 165°F internal temperature, microwave the meal immediately from the freezer.

Healthy Food Delivery Dublin

How can I heat my food?

All the preparation and cooking is done by us, so you only need to heat in the microwave. You'll find simple steps to heat each meal. However, the heating time will vary depending on the microwave. Start heating at 2 minutes, and continue heating for 30 seconds until the food reaches 165 degrees.

Do you prefer to heat in an oven? You don't have to do that? Follow these steps.

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2 - Place the food in an oven-safe container. Make sure to remove the sauce. Then, cover the top with tin foil.

3 - Heat for 25-35 minutes. Heating times are approximate. Make sure your internal meal temperature is at least 165 degrees.

4 - Take off the foil and allow to cool for 3 to 5.

5 - Transfer the mixture to a bowl or plate and serve!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the country! We deliver to the lower 48. We'll get back to you as soon as possible if you enter your email address and eircode. We'll let you know if we can reach you, if not, and give you a shout. 

What's Eatstro Healthy Meal Delivery?

Eatstro delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to chefs at all levels. We do the shopping and menu planning so you can just cook and enjoy.

Pre-measured ingredients make cooking easy and less time. You will also save money.

What is included in each healthy food delivery?
Your Eatstro box includes 3 recipes, all the ingredients needed to prepare them and are perfectly proportioned. Each recipe comes with a step-by–step recipe guide that makes cooking easy.

We don't deliver salt, pepper or oil, but we do assume that you will have milk. Butter and sugar are sometimes mentioned, but they are not required.

Is Eatstro Healthy Food Delivery a subscription service?

Yes, we are. Your subscription becomes active when you create an Eatstro account. Regular weekly deliveries begin on the first day of your Eatstro account opening.

Eatstro subscriptions are flexible and non-binding. You can cancel or pause your subscription online at any moment. You can skip a box at any time (before the cutoff date). You have the option to change the dimensions of your box, your delivery address, and the date your box arrives (before cut-off).

Where do you deliver?
We offer healthy meal delivery In Dublin and all over Ireland and Northern Ireland.

When do you deliver?

Each week, you will receive one healthy food box.

Monday Dublin (2-24) / Cutoff time to cancel or skip an order:11am on Thursday the week prior to delivery

Tuesday : Ireland Nationwide/Cut-off Time to Skip or Cancel Order: 11am on Thursday the week prior to delivery

How do I remember to update or skip an order, cancel my account, or delete my menu?

Each week you will be notified by email. In case our welcome email is in your trash folder, make sure you check it before signing up for Eatstro

When will my bill be due?

Sign up for Eatstro and we'll immediately take payment for your first order. Once the cut-off time is over, each order will be charged to your credit card. Any time you want to cancel, edit, skip or skip an order before the cut off time.

What is the difference between skipping and pausing my subscription?

You can stop a box being delivered to your home by either pausing your subscription, or skipping it.

Pausing/cancelling your subscription:

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Remember to cancel or pause your account prior to the cut-off time. You will still receive your next box if you cancel or pause your subscription after the cut-off date. However, you won't be able to receive any additional boxes until you reactivate it.

Skip a box:

You can only cancel one box if you skip a week. After the skip week, your regular subscription deliveries will resume as normal.

Remember: You must skip boxes before the cutoff time. You'll still get your next box if you skip a box after the cut-off date.

How can I cancel my account?
Log in to your Eatstro account to cancel it. You will find a cancellation button at your membership page.

Remember to cancel your box by the deadline. You will still be able to receive your next box if you cancel after the cut-off date.

Contact Customer Service is our email address.

Which food plans are available currently and what is their cost?

Two plans are currently available: one for 2 adults, and another for 3 children (2 adults & 3).

2-Person plan

  • Each week you will receive one delivery. You will receive 3 meals for two people using the same proportions. Step-by-step instructions for creating your own recipe cards.
  • This plan costs EUR8.70 for each serving or EUR52 for 6 servings.

Family Plan (2 adults & 2-3 kids)

  • One delivery will be sent per week. You will receive 3 meals, each for 2 adults and 3 children. Follow these simple steps to make your own recipe cards. This plan costs EUR6 per serving or EUR72 for 12 servings.

How can I select my recipes?
You can pick your weekly recipes. You can add more meals to your standard box if desired.

What is the cost of adding additional meals to my order?

Additional meals can be ordered for EUR12 per person and EUR18 per family. If you'd like, you can order up 8 meals per week.

Do vegetarian options exist?
We offer four delicious vegetarian options each week

Are you able to accommodate certain diets or allergies?
We cater for vegetarians. If you have severe food allergies, we don't recommend eating at Eatstro. Our facility can process milk, egg and crustacean shellfish, peanuts. We also process wheat, soybeans. To confirm allergen information on your order, please check the packaging. We may need to replace items with better quality products from time to time.

Do you need to be home to receive my delivery?
We provide refrigerated boxes that contain ice packs and insulation liners. This ensures your ingredients are fresh for delivery, even if the recipient is not home. can you email us with any special delivery requests

How long can food keep fresh?
We make sure that our dishes stay fresh for at least a week. To ensure that your seafood and fish remains fresh, we recommend that you prepare it first.

Where can you find your ingredients?
We are committed to providing the best and freshest food possible. We only work with family-run fresh markets and farms that practice sustainable practices. Our meat is 100% Irish.


Healthy Food Delivery 

Healthy Food Delivery Dublin

WHAT'S INSIDE Each healthy Food Box?

healthy meals delivered ireland

Delicious, chef-designed recipes 

With step-by-step instructions so you never miss a beat (or beet). 

healthy meal delivery ireland

Recyclable ice packs and packaging

Natural salt based ice-packs ensure your ingredients stay fresh until you’re home and they are recyclable.

healthy food delivery ireland



So no morsels, or dollops going to waste.

healthy food delivery

Responsibly-sourced, quality ingredients

Like fresh produce, sustainable meat & seafood and exclusive spice blends.

healthy food delivery dublin

Starting at €5.41 per serving

No commitment. You can skip or cancel anytime.

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