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Gousto Ireland Vs Eatstro Ireland

HelloFresh and Gousto are strong competitors in in the UK when it comes to the best meal kit options. But what about in Ireland? Neither of them serve Irish consumers right now but Eatstro.com is the main competitor in the Irish market.  

While both of these companies are among the best meal delivery services and they have likely been advertised to you in Ireland on your commute or while scrolling through your social media feeds, they are only targeting customers in the UK. 

However, we've broken down all the differences between these meal delivery services so you can make an informed decision to see if Eatstro will offer you an alternative that may even be better!.

This is how HelloFresh vs Gousto compares to Eatstro.

Hello Fresh Ireland


HelloFresh allows you to make selections up until four weeks ahead of time. You can make choices, but recipes will be picked automatically. This is great for those who are busy or feel impulsive. Box edits must be made by Tuesday at 11:59 PM on the Tuesday before your delivery. If you wish to cancel your subscription, skip weeks due to vacation or any other reason, the same deadline applies. You may skip up to 8 consecutive weeks.

Gousto Box allows you to choose the recipes that you like and you have three days before delivery for editing. Two weeks prior to delivery, recipes are available for you to choose from. Every Tuesday, the menu is updated at noon.

You can pause your Gousto subscription to stop future orders, until you decide to resume. It will renew automatically for the following week if you miss a week. You can order a single box on Gousto, unlike HelloFresh.

HelloFresh requires that you order at least three recipes per week for two people. Gousto boxes allow for only two. HelloFresh allows you to order as many as five recipes per person. Gousto has a maximum order limit of four recipes for two adults. Gousto suggests ordering another box mid-week if you need more meals.

Our verdict? Gousto is the flexible option, since you don't have to subscribe.


HelloFresh has three boxes. Although they do not offer a single box, they recommend sharing the second one with friends or family, or having it for lunch on the next day like Gousto.

Classic box
For two, you can make three, four, or even five different recipes. Or, three to four recipes for three to four people. A menu of 18 recipes, five vegetarian, none vegan.

Rapid box
You can make three to four different recipes for two, three or four people. Or, five recipes for two. There are five options.

Family box
There are three to four recipes that can be used for two adults and their children, whether they have three or four small children. Six recipes to choose from

For an additional fee, you can add desserts, wine, or bread to your subscription boxes. The deadline is still in effect.

Eatstro Vs Gousto Ireland

Box for two
For two adults, you can have three, four, or five recipes.

Family box
For two adults and up to three children, there are two, three or four different recipes.

You can also order additional essentials from Gousto Marketplace, such as beer, wine, chocolate and olive oil.

What's the cost of GOUSTO versus HELLOFRESH?

HelloFresh allows you to order three meals per person. This price is PS30 and does not include any premium meals or extras. It costs PS29.99 for the same amount of Gousto meals.

The largest option on Gousto is for four meals, four each, and costs PS47.75 or PS2.98 per portion. HelloFresh is around PS55 per portion.

Gousto is cheaper than the other options and you can order two meals for 2 at PS24.99 (PS6.25 per serving).

HelloFresh was offering a special introductory discount of 50 percent on your first box, and 20 percent off your three next orders at the time this article was written. Refer a friend and they'll receive PS20 off their first order, while you get PS20 credit to your account.

New customers to Gousto can enjoy a 30-percent discount on their first month's boxes. Refer a friend and get 50 percent off your first box. You also get 30-percent off the rest of the month. This offer is valid for 30 calendar days.

Who has a better product, GOUSTO or HELLOFRESH?

All Gousto meat comes from Red Tractor-approved farms and is 100% British. Free-range eggs are also available in the UK. They responsibly source fish and use seasonal British produce as much as possible. Gousto sources produce from abroad or from specialists such as Tenderstem when necessary to keep the menu diverse.

All yogurt is organic, all dairy is vegetarian-friendly, and all milk is pasteurized milk. This is particularly important if you are pregnant.

HelloFresh sources meat and poultry from farms that have been subject to regular animal welfare audits. However, they don't specify British. They insist that only suppliers who have been certified by the highest auditing standards are accepted. Although some HelloFresh products are organic, they prefer to work with ethical and sustainable suppliers.


Gousto offers 50 different recipes each week. HelloFresh Classic has only 18.

Gousto allows you to choose gluten-free meals, unlike HelloFresh. There are 18 choices, plus seven plant-based and 16 dairy-free options. Even meat-eaters can be attracted to vegan recipes like Thai eggplant curry and crispy mushroom dal.

HelloFresh guarantees at least five vegetable options, but doesn't limit the number of vegan options. You can get some great options on Gousto, such as Dinner to lunch meals. These meals come with additional ingredients for an additional fee, so you can transform leftovers. Roasts are also available for comfort during the week and Premium meals that are great for parties, treat-giving, or special occasions.

They don't have Joe Wicks, the Lean In 15 master Joe Wicks, like Gousto. Wicks, better known as "The Coach", has collaborated with Gousto in designing meals that promote a healthy lifestyle and support HIIT training. He posts the recipes to his Instagram account and raves about how delicious they are.

You can choose to opt in to Rapid HelloFresh for 10-minute meals. However, you don't have as many options as Gousto which offers six 10-minute options and five oven-ready meals thanks to a new partnership between Charlie Bingham and Charlie.

HelloFresh has more flavor options than Gousto, and Gousto offers them all. There are just so many options and too few days in a week!


HelloFresh will be eliminating individual paper meal bags by 2020 and have reduced the packaging in their boxes by 20% compared to 2017. All black plastic has been eliminated and all spices, nuts and seeds are now available in recyclable materials.

Gousto made a pledge last year to reduce plastic packaging by 50%. They succeeded. The company has reduced plastic consumption by 100 tonnes and its Eco Chill Box has helped to reduce it even further in the last year. This cool box, made of recycled paper, is 100% recyclable and can be used to dispose off 74.5 tonnes worth of plastic. This is almost six double-decker buses. This box is almost six times as big as HelloFresh’s PET cool pouch. Currently, only a few local councils can recycle it.

WHAT'S INSIDE the best Gousto AlternAtive in Ireland

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Delicious, chef-designed recipes 

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Natural salt based ice-packs ensure your ingredients stay fresh until you’re home and they are recyclable.

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So no morsels, or dollops going to waste.

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