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"What's for dinner??"

Most people say organising “what’s for dinner” is among their LEAST favourite daily chores. Don't be held back. You were designed for more.

Pick your meals

You have eight tasty options to choose from each week, so you can enjoy the benefits of nutritious food that's quick and delicious.

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food boxes dublin
Taste the magic
We deliver the ready-to-cook ingredients to your door, so you can experience the most amazing dishes, created with your family’s tastes in mind.
Eatstro food boxes deliver ready-to-cook ingredients anywhere in Ireland, so you can experience the most amazing dishes, created with your family’s tastes in mind.

Meal Delivery Dublin & Ireland

COVID-19 is approaching the two-year mark, which changed everything about Dublin living. There's one thing we all can agree on: cooking is great but many people are tired of the same-old cooking after two years of mostly home-cooked adventures. Even the most experienced home cooks find it difficult to find motivation these days. Eatstro Meal Delivery Dublin have your back!

Restaurants are now open for limited indoor eating and some diners are still able to brave Dublin winter temperatures to eat outside. Meal kits and frozen food are another way to enjoy your favourite food and socialise at home with your family. 

These meal kits from our amazing team of Eatstro chefs will help you take your home cooking to the next level.

What's The Best Meal Delivery In Dublin? 

And How many can I expect to get each month?

There are many reasons why we believe Eatstro is the best meal delivery in Dublin. With Eatstro you can expect 4 food boxes delivered each month at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. One food box is delivered a week when you subscribe but you can skip any week in advance. We will create a custom menu every week based on your choices. For more information visit: Eatstro meal delivery Ireland.
If you choose 3 meals, the food box can be used to serve 3 dinners or more for a couple or 3 dinners for a family of 4 or 2 adults and 2-3 children.
You can customise your order every week and add or subtract dishes.
Our menus can be enjoyed "family-style". Each food box can be used to provide at least six different meals or dinners. They can be eaten individually over several days or shared with a large family or group. A typical food box will contain 3 dishes.

Meal Delivery Ireland

Can I personalise my Weekly Food Box Subscription?

You can change the contents of your box up to 4 days prior to delivery. You can choose to skip a week's delivery.

Are there many menu options?

We'll offer a new menu each month with our subscription plan. You can customise your meal box with any dishes you want. We'll be offering a Patty Menu and Holiday Menu for the next few months. A Palestine Menu will also be available. And a Black History Month Menu that focuses on Senegalese food.

How does EatSTRO calculate the price of each Meal box?

Eat Offbeat does an honest evaluation of the value of each food box, including paying chefs full salaries. Although the initial price tag might seem high, once you break it down, each meal will cost between $12-14. This includes an appetiser, main, side, grain, and a grain. It's a lot cheaper than ordering take-out or eating out. The best part? You can feel like you're cooking your own meal.

What happens if I have to pause or skip my deliveries?

You can pause or skip your delivery at any time.

What if I want to Eat Eatstro more than once per month?

Our main offering is a monthly themed box. However, we can set up food boxes for you more often if you request it. Send an email to, and we'll connect you with our Customer Experience team. They will send you customised options.

What if I use another Dublin food box company?

We know there are other Dublin Food Boxes available, and especially around Ireland. Here's the reason we are better: You'll get the most authentic food you can find. While many other services offer meals that can be used for daily living, we offer something more. You will know who made your food, their origin, and the true flavours of their country. It's almost like they invited you to their home for dinner.

Our meal plans are the most flexible. You can mix and match, choose your date, frequency, and plan.
It's a unique experience. Each food box delivery comes with information and stories about the chefs and dishes. It's a much more engaging experience. Every meal is a chance to learn more about our culture. Interactive content also allows you to share your meal with friends and family in a way other delivery services do not.

Is the food spicy or mild?

There are many options for dishes that can be prepared with different spices. It's possible not to add spicy ingredients to your dishes. Anything spicy will be highlighted in the recipe instructions.

Is the food good for you?

We aim to make sure that our dishes are authentic and true to the original recipes of our chefs. We use only the best ingredients and no preservatives in any of our dishes. We guarantee a 100% fresh, natural flavour.

What happens if I don’t finish my Food box on time?

Our website lets you choose how many meals you want each week. You can choose from 3, or more meals. People sometimes order large boxes and freeze food that they won't consume within the next five days. It's all-natural and freshly prepared, so once frozen it will keep fresh and delicious for a month. You can also reheat it as often as you like.

WHAT'S INSIDE the best Meal Delivery in dublin

food boxes Ireland

Delicious, chef-designed recipes 

With step-by-step instructions so you never miss a beat (or beet). 

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Recyclable ice packs and packaging

Natural salt based ice-packs ensure your ingredients stay fresh until you’re home and they are recyclable.

food box dublin



So no morsels, or dollops going to waste.

best food boxes dublin -

Responsibly-sourced, quality ingredients

Like fresh produce, sustainable meat & seafood and exclusive spice blends.

food box delivery Ireland

Starting at €5.41 per serving

No commitment. You can skip or cancel anytime.

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