Never worry about “what’s for dinner" again, have delicious meals sent straight to your doorstep

  • Easy-to-follow recipes with perfectly measured ingredients
  • Mouthwatering meals from €5.41 per serving
  • Rated 4.9 out of 5 in our customer survey
    "By far the best value recipe box in Ireland"


Siobhan & S // Dublin 2

"By far my favourite thing is I don’t have to have the daily conversation that goes “what do you want for dinner, I donno, don’t mind, want do you want” and then just revert to buying the same old ingredients. We’ve been a customer for a couple of years now and I think we’ve barely had the same meal twice. "

Jenifer L // Swords

"I’ve been getting them the last 6 weeks or so, game changer to be honest, one of the best decisions to be fair. Will continue to use this service forever more lol"

Simone // Dublin 3

“We got our first delivery yesterday and tried the pork skewers today, omg what a delight. Thank you so much for what you provide.”

Dan O // Tipperary

"First meal cooked last night, really impressed wit the quality of the local produce supplied. Can’t wait for dinner tonight, would highly recommend it for any family stuck in a cooking rut."

Alison // Stepaside

"The food bill is reduced as I no longer buy veg and meat that I forget to use. Our boring meals are once again adventurous! On to our third month of orders now - I love it!"

Edel A // Sligo

"I've been getting Eatstro or a while now, not once have I been disappointed. In fact the hardest part sometimes is simply making your choice, every week the menu is superb. Never any complaints from my family and they can be very picky eaters (2 teenagers) for me I love just knowing what I'm cooking when I come in from work."

Aoife N // Rathmines

"Always a delicious healthy meal, and very easy to prepare. No waste, definitely the best part."

Sinead K// Dublin

“I am using this service for the past few weeks and it is fabulous. We have loved every single recipe received and I no longer spend hours cooking or shopping. Highly recommended.”

Rachel M // Dublin

"I'm super excited when the box arrives each week! Great big portions, superb meat, exceptionally high quality ingredients. No waste (one of my favourite bits) - and a significant saving on our weekly food bill."

Fiona R // Mullingar

"I can’t even explain how much I love Eatstro, actually I can ad I will rant for at least 20 minutes about it to anyone who’ll listen!"

Carmel W // Ballsbridge

“An amazing simple way of introducing the kids to different flavours and tastes without leafing through cookbooks and compiling shopping lists. Love it. Can’t wait for next weeks delivery.”

Matthew M // Cork

"We have had an incredible experience with Eatstro. Excellent product, excellent price and impeccable service. This is the place to be if you prefer spending time with your family at home and not at the supermarket or ordering takeaway every night."

How Does Eatstro Work?

You choose

from 8 truly delicious recipes each week: meat, veggie, plant-based, lighter, family, speedy...

We deliver

perfectly measured ingredients, every Mon & Tues (very handy).

You cook

tasty and impressive meals you’re proud to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eatstro?

Eatstro is a fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service that helps chefs of all levels cook incredible meals at home. We take care of the menu planning and shopping (providing you with fresh, locally sourced ingredients in pre-measured quantities), so all you have to do is cook and enjoy.

As all ingredients are pre-measured, this makes cooking hassle-free and reduces waste. It will also save you money!

Can I choose my recipes?

Yes, after you have signed up to Eatstro, you can choose your recipes each week. Each standard box has 3 dishes per week, however you can now add additional meals to your box if you wish.

What is included in each meal delivery?

Your Eatstro box contains 3 recipes and all the ingredients you need, perfectly pre-portioned to cook them. Each recipe has a step-by-step recipe guide which makes cooking as simple as possible.

The only things we don't deliver is salt, pepper, oil and milk as we assume you will have these. Sometimes butter or sugar may be mentioned as an additional but if not supplied it is not necessary.

Is Eatstro a food subscription service?

Yes we are. When you open a Eatstro account, your subscription is active. This means regular weekly deliveries start from your first delivery day.

A Eatstro subscription is super flexible with no commitment. It can be paused or cancelled online at any time. A box can be skipped easily whenever you need to (before the cut-off day). You can change the size of your box whenever you like, as well as your delivery address and the day your box arrives (before the cut-off day).

When are meals delivered in Dublin city? 

We deliver our food boxes in Dublin City (1 - 24) on Mondays - *Plus one day for bank holidays.

Cutoff time to skip, pause or cancel an order: 11am on Thursday the week prior to delivery

For more info see Meal Delivery Dublin

When are meals delivered in Ireland? 

We deliver healthy meals in Ireland & Northern Ireland on Tuesdays - *Plus one day for bank holidays.

Cut-off Time to Skip, Pause or Cancel Order: 11am on Thursday the week prior to delivery

Contact Customer Service

If you have any questions,  please contact us at

When will my bill be due?

When you sign up to Eatstro, we will take the payment for your first box straight away. After this, you’ll be billed for each order once the cut off time has passed. You can edit, skip or cancel your order any time before this time.

Which food plans are available currently and what is their cost?

We currently offer two plans, one for 2 adults and another for families (2 adults & 2/3 children).

2-Person Plan

  • You will receive one delivery per week. The proportioned ingredients for 3 meals of your choice for 2 people. Easy step-by-step recipe cards to follow.
  • The price for this plan is €8.70 per serving, or €52 per 6 serving delivery.

Family Plan (2 Adults & 2-3 children)

  • You will receive one delivery per week. The proportioned ingredients for 3 meals of your choice for 2 adults and 2/3 children. Easy step-by-step recipe cards to follow. The price for this plan is €6.33 per serving, or €76 per 12 serving delivery.
  • For more info see Meal Delivery Ireland

What is the cost of adding additional meals to my order?

The cost to add additional meals is €12 for 2 people and €18 for families. You can order up to 8 dishes per week if you wish.

How will I remember to update my menu, skip an order or pause/cancel my account?

You will receive an email each week to remind you. When you sign up to Eatstro be sure to check your junk/trash folder incase our welcome email goes in there.

Explore Some Of Our Previous Meals

Never worry about “what’s for dinner” again, let us send delicious meals to your doorstep

No planning. No shopping. No contract. No worries.

Nail dinner plans with our subscription package and take the doh out of dinner.

With our flexible subscription you can skip or pause your subscription at any time. Get your delivery when it’s convenient for you.

Eat better and feel good (inside & out)

Even more choice

You can now choose from 6 recipes a week – the most of any recipe box! Try new cuisines, exotic flavours, comforting classics (or a bit of each).

Family Favourites

Enjoy kid-friendly, adult-approved recipes perfect for busy families. A bit less chilli, but plenty of flavour and nutrition.

Fine Dine In

Try our new range, using premium speciality ingredients for impressive cooking.

Plant-based and veggie options

Choose from 3 delicious and satisfying meat-free recipes each week. Lots of dairy-free and gluten-free options too. 

Cook delicious meals in no time!

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