The 10 Minute Recipe Everyone Is Talking About!

The 10 Minute Recipe Everyone Is Talking About!

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10 Minute Valencian Chicken Dish

If you were to sum this recipe up in one word it would be SUPER-CONVENIENT! (ok, one word didn’t quite cut it)

10 minute meals with little, to no clean up are LIFE. Can I get an amen here??

This 10 minute (low calorie) protein dish is all the goodness you need this week.

Let me spell it out for you: Flavour flavour flavour. The combination of a few simple ingredients is like a party in your mouth, even the pickiest of eaters can’t refuse. 10 minutes. Yeah I said it, TEN minutes. This dish comes together so quickly you might find yourself wondering if you missed a step or two. We first posted this on our menu 6 months ago and our customers still bring it up when we talk to them, so much so it’s coming up on our menu again in October. This is one of those dishes that’s just ideal for when you’re working late but you still want to eat something special. Ourselves, we’ve cooked this dish or variations of it, easily 10 times over the last few months (we really like it, as you can see!)

The process is simple, but let me walk you through it real quick. In your favourite pan, you’ll brown the chicken and the green beans, you’ll add the smoked paprika, heated rice and chicken stock, and you’ll serve it topped with a simple lemon aioli and coriander.

And that’s IT. Your whole dinner, ready to go, with a whole lot of flavour and hardly any work involved. Sounds too good to be true, well 10 minutes recipes don’t come easy, we’ve taken a few shortcuts, like using the Tilda microwave steamed rice and Heinz garlic sauce, but nothing crazy, this is one you’ve got to try for yourself. Check out the ingredients needed to make this tasty wonder by downloading the recipe by clicking here and make sure to pop them on your shopping list.


Download The Recipe

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